Atlanta Community Food Bank

Building a stronger brand for a great new strategic plan

Family and community

With a change in leadership and ambitious strategic plan in development, Atlanta Community Food Bank was poised to expand their impact and inspire a groundswell of new support.

Creating an identity to match their ambition.

To realize their bold objective—to ensure all hungry people in their service area have access to the meals they need when they need them by 2025—their brand needed to embody the mission and inspire others to take action.

Numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Before rebranding, Atlanta Community Food Bank communicated their impact by the numbers—pounds of food distributed, volunteers deployed per year, and programs offered. Impressive sums described their scope, but lacked the compelling, emotional, human why of their work.

Turning market research into insight

Research showed that though food insecurity levels were rising in the Atlanta area at staggering rates, many residents were unaware that hunger was an issue in their communities. Drawing from the data, Big Duck created an engaging visual and messaging system that function as Atlanta Community Food Bank’s modern identity and as a magnetic rallying cry.

Orange is the new blue.

By recommending they change their brand color from blue to orange—the national color of hunger awareness—Big Duck positioned Atlanta Community Food Bank at the center of the movement. Guided by our rollout strategy, they launched their new brand at the start of Hunger Action Month, leveraging the extra attention on their issue.

Our new identity holds up two things we value most: our community and nutritious food. Big Duck helped us understand how our brand identity can be used as an asset to achieve our mission and help us keep the community we serve front-and-center.

— Allison Young, Marketing Manager, Atlanta Community Food Bank

From vision to reality

We can see impact beyond the numbers. Following our comprehensive brand rollout strategy, Atlanta Community Food Bank’s new visual identity and messaging emblazoned billboards, food distribution trucks, and shareable swag of all sorts. Staff across the organization have embraced their new messaging, writing and speaking about their work consistently and clearly, so everyone is on message. Today, they spend less time creating materials, and more time placing the community as the solution to food insecurity in Atlanta.


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