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Brandraising Benchmark

A simple, affordable tool to gauge awareness, engagement, and understanding of your nonprofit.

Many nonprofits feel like they are a “best-kept-secret.” The board and staff want to increase awareness and grow support from new audiences, but understanding how your nonprofit is perceived by the public typically requires expensive market research, which most nonprofits simply can’t afford. The Brandraising Benchmark is changing that.

How does it work?

The Brandraising Benchmark is a market research tool that measures something previously unaffordable: public awareness of your organization. 

What can the Brandraising Benchmark do?

Whether you’re diving into market research for the first time or supplementing other research, the Brandraising Benchmark is a simple way to measure how the public perceives your organization and get a sense of how you stack up to other nonprofits.

Past participants have used the Brandraising Benchmark to:

  • Measure if a new campaign or brand has increased awareness of their organization
  • Determine if a new mission statement resonates during or after strategic planning
  • Discover new demographics that may be likely to support to their mission
  • Understand how changes in the national political landscape may be changing the public’s affinity for their mission
  • Investigate how their level of awareness stacks up against peers and other nonprofits

Dozens of national nonprofits have used the Brandraising Benchmark to measure their brands including The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Parkinson Disease Association, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Corporate Accountability International, Charity Navigator, Food & Water Watch, Guidestar, Project HOPE, Make-a-Wish, and more.

The Brandraising Benchmark has given us a way to easily track how key audiences perceive the ACLU. By participating in different Benchmarks we are able to monitor how changes in our messaging or in the world around us affect the public’s perception of our organization, and how personally important our mission feels to them.

— Lorraine Kenny, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications, ACLU
What does it measure?

The Brandraising Benchmark answers a series of basic questions about your organization, including Are people aware of your organization? What level of clarity or familiarity do they have about what you do? Does your mission resonate? Would they be likely to donate to or join your organization in the future?

When is the research conducted?

Big Duck will be conducting a National Brandraising Benchmark in early 2018. Sign up below to get updates.

You’ll get four scores:
  • Awareness score
  • Mission/affinity score
  • Donor likelihood score
  • Membership likelihood score
What does it cost?

Participation costs $2,200 per organization. You’ll receive the raw research data plus a presentation-ready report of your organization’s results. The report clearly visualizes your results and our strategic insights will make your data easy to understand, primed to share with your board, and easily turn into action.

Download a sample report.

Download a sample report of the Brandraising Benchmark to see what’s included.

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