September 12, 2018

Creating a powerful case for your capital campaign

How do you brand your capital (or other very large) campaign so it inspires donors to act, and without pilfering from annual giving? What printed or digital tools do you need in the quiet and public phases? How do you inspire major donors to become campaign ambassadors?

This session will focus on developing your case for support strategically to close big gifts with confidence, and will address these questions and more. It is appropriate for anyone who is new to capital campaign planning and management and anticipating working on a  campaign with a target of 5 to 500 million dollars.

You’ll learn:

  • How to approach branding your capital campaign so it aligns with your organization’s voice but doesn’t conflict with your annual giving
  • What collateral is most important during quiet and public phases
  • How to use the case for support to engage your lead donors and set them up to ask others with confidence

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